10 days very sore back

Questions10 days very sore back
Cooper asked 1 week ago

My husband (45) years 10 days very sore back. The doctor has not been contacted yet. First applied the patch voltarene, and then began to take milgamma, nimesil, then chop mavalis+mydocalm. The pain is not removed by anything. They did an MRI. The doctor on the MRI said to go to the neurosurgeon, because without surgery in our case can not do. Pain on different not will remove.Accurate diagnosis of MRI: Mr pictures of dystrophic changes of the lumbosacral spine (osteochondrosis), complicated by subligmental extrusion/ herniation / disk l4 / 5 / with compression of the left spine/; protrusion L5/S1 disk. Signs of spondyloarthrosis at the level of L4-S1 Segments with visualization at the level OF l4l5 segment of paraarticular cyst; absolute stenosis of the spinal canal at the level OF l4l5 segment.Please tell me if this is true. Or are there conservative treatments? Thanks.

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Admin Staff answered 1 week ago

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